Sustainable Tourism; Responsible Tourism Tips 


The definition of sustainable tourism can be defined as visiting a place as a tourist and leaving a positive impact on the; Environment, society, economy of the place you are visiting. Just by being a little more mindful you can contribute a lot to the locals. Below is a list of sustainable tourism tips. These are the desired things in a tourist. Of course, you are paying for what you are being offered, it is about thinking more than a monetary aspect. It about keeps things going by being a responsible tourist.

Do not be reclusive: Be more vulnerable and do not be shy. Talk to the strangers and gain experience. Your inner instinct will let you know if there is danger around. But do not let your fear get in between the fun and pleasure. Be in touch with the local police. You can exchange a number with a local cop. Roam around free, let down your guards and be open. Have pleasure, but do not get engaged in crime and drugs. 

Leave no traceUse dustbins. If the dustbins are not around, keep a plastic bag and use it to dispose of the wastes. Try to keep the place tidy. Do not smoke in public places and do not drink either. There are places that strictly prohibit smoking and drinking. You may attract fine for smoking here. 

Contribute to the local economyRather than using high-end restaurants, and cabs that have international chains, rent/hire cabs of locals. Do buy something cheap or expensive does not matter. Contribute to the local economy. They are dependent on the tourists, and it breaks their heart and leaves them disheartened when you get services of international or economically well to do stores.  

Share your storiesShare your stories if the fellow travelers are interested. But do not force others to listen to your stories. Write reviews or make V-logs if you enjoy doing that. You can write it in a journal and later publish a book on it. Write a survival guide about a country. You can talk about your experience, the culture of the city/country. What you learned by visiting it.

Be openBeing open means if someone approaches to talk do not be a mean bitch, talk to that person unless you think the other person is making you feel uncomfortable. When you are open, you can get help and make friends with the locals. They can share non-touristy, unexplored places. These places will give the pleasure of feeling fresh. If someone invites you for lunch or dinner, this is a wonderful opportunity to get to know the culture of that place.

The bottom line is the key to sustainable tourism is being judicious and careful about the impact you leave on the people, there environment and economy. Every year people come and go without realizing it was not just a mere visit they are a drop in an ocean; they are contributing to the economy and help tourism survive.

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